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Re: Uranus in 7th house in Taurus sign, stable or unstable?

I have this placement, Uranus Leo 7th. I like it. I'm divorced but so are 50% of the people & they don't all have this placement.
I tend to be attracted to eccentric, off-the beat type of people & they are attracted to me. It can cause unpredictable beginnings & endings to relationships, both in romance & good friends. You are probably attracted to 'earthy' people & I do think the energy is more tamed in Taurus.....BUT there will always be the 'sudden, electric' energy in relationships........& you will need freedom in any relationship or you will feel 'closed in'. By freedom, I mean you like your independence & could very well have a marriage or long term relationship where you don't see each other every day.
Either because of work or some other reason.

It's all good. You have to look at the overall chart.
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