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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Yes, this table is fine, thank you.
The Venus conjunct Neptune/uranus is not necessarily a harsh aspect. Rather than deception this can be romanticism and poetry, this is being mesmerised. The Uranus here is very stimulating and attractive to Venus, it's exciting and sweeps you off your feet.
From the aspect table however we can see that mars is actually close to the same conjunction, and this would be a harsh aspect. At the beginning especially mars is very stimulated by Uranus, it's sparkling and sexy, but then it begins to get irritating and explosive. It's too stimulating. Mars conjunct Neptune represents passion and sexuality meeting with spirituality and illusion. Two types of energy that don't easily blend. Mars gets frustrated because laid back Neptune seems too confused and ethereal, and Neptune sees mars as harsh and physically invasive, breaking in on their dreams.Not easy to balance the two.
Do I understand that you don't have his birth time?
Thank you for this explanation. I have heard of the difficulties of maintaining a mars Uranus connection... And with my Capricorn placements Iíd rather not invest in something that will most likely lead to a disappointing end. Of course that canít be predicted, but I Iíll take it as a warning. Another thing concerning me is my lack of water and his abundance of it and his lack of fire... It is good to hear that you see some influential points of connection as well such as the Venus Jupiter or DSC. You are correct, I donít have his birth time, but is there any indication of how he might feel about this dynamic even without it?
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