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Re: Immediate attraction but the worst synastry Iíve ever had?

Originally Posted by Cxxxcxxx View Post
Thanks for taking a look. I’m not sure if this table is what you meant by the aspects table, but if not could you tell me how to apply it on

Would Uranus Neptune on my Venus indicate that I am being deceived or disillusioned by him? And Uranus typically indicates some kind of separation I believe?
Yes, this table is fine, thank you.
The Venus conjunct Neptune/uranus is not necessarily a harsh aspect. Rather than deception this can be romanticism and poetry, this is being mesmerised. The Uranus here is very stimulating and attractive to Venus, it's exciting and sweeps you off your feet.
From the aspect table however we can see that mars is actually close to the same conjunction, and this would be a harsh aspect. At the beginning especially mars is very stimulated by Uranus, it's sparkling and sexy, but then it begins to get irritating and explosive. It's too stimulating. Mars conjunct Neptune represents passion and sexuality meeting with spirituality and illusion. Two types of energy that don't easily blend. Mars gets frustrated because laid back Neptune seems too confused and ethereal, and Neptune sees mars as harsh and physically invasive, breaking in on their dreams.Not easy to balance the two.
Do I understand that you don't have his birth time?
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