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Hello all, i have moon conjunction chiron ... anybody else? itís in my 2nd house both scorpio. Existential depression is something I have experienced on a very high scale all of my life. Having to accumulate or refer to physical commodities to feel more grounded. I donít necessarily always feel worthy of life here in this physical world and iíve never felt connected to it without having things to refer to as Ďmineí...... but even then, thereís still still something missing. like a bottomless pit. hmmm just a little vent.
it makes me wonder what i can do with this to work with it cause it obviously isnít going anywhere anytime soon
if it makes it easier to understand i have chronic illness also. i could say i donít value my life because there isnít much of it... you know? difficult stuff
ps i donít expect a pity, i just wanted to speak to some people i donít necessarily know

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