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Re: existential depression

Originally Posted by PlutoLibScoAsc View Post
I don't think is necessary to post a chart when one want to study deeply and be focused on one specific aspect, what it brings. Or may be you think this is coming from somewhere else....

This is precisely the problem. We cannot say without seeing the entire chart. No "one specific aspect" operates in astrological isolation.

Me. I can relate to what you are feeling. I have my moon conjunct chiron in 8th. I feel existential depression too. I always wish I am nothing, not even dust, not even thin air. Wish I have never been born. Wish I have never existed.
fyi, yours is a mixture of Taurus and Scorpio qualities. Mine is Gemini and Scorpio.
I am sorry to hear this.

There are several chart placements that I call, "It hurts to be you." Sometimes people have more than one of these placements, such the sun, moon, or Mercury in a hard aspect or conjunction with Saturn. Then the tighter the orb, the more the person is likely to feel it.

Each troublesome horoscope placement also has an empowering interpretation. Chiron shows us "where it hurts," but also where, if we stay open to those hurts, we can gain in wisdom and compassion.
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