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Originally Posted by Ukpoohbear View Post
Sorry for the delay in replying. Unfortunately Iím not willing to share my details somewhere so public. I can update and say that I decided not to apply for the job and I think I made the right decision because I really like my hairdressers and wouldnít want to mix it professionally. However, I did apply for another job that is much better and I was successful in the interview

Itís the best job Iíve ever been offered. I had actually applied for the job before asking this question, which can be seen by my significator applying to a retrograde Jupiter. I actually heard I had been successful just after it went direct. Itís 6th from the 10th, 6th is the house which can prevent you from working and this job prevented me from applying for another job.
Congratulations! And out of curiosity, did you get the new job in a time period with a unit of 3 (3 days or weeks)? I want to learn more about horary timing and was wondering if your experience was as you expected.
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