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Originally Posted by rosar View Post
Thank you for the interpretation!

I think you're right, it's going to be more about traveling and relocation (SR 3rd/9th house cusps conjunct natal 9th/3rd house cusps; SR Nodes are in the 3rd/9th).
Did you have anything interesting in Solar Arc/ progressions when you found love?
No problem!

Hmm that made me loot at both.

Solar Arc.. nothing much. Loose conjunction of NN and Venus in Sag, 9th (2 degree orb).
Sun square natal SO/MO midpoint.
Mars exactly conj DC, however natally my mars conjuncts the dc too.

In progressed I has Venus conj Jupitet ( 2 orbs) and progressed Venus conj Natal jupiter again 2 orbs. All in sag, all in 8th house.

Progr. Vertex was close to progrm DC, 4 degrees apart. Natal sun had already conjunctes my progresse MC. But thats about it.

However, I checked the progression with ARMC method as someone suggested its the "correct" method and I see a lot more. It's set on the date we met.

The ASC was exactly conj. my natal Jupiter, also exactly conj his natal NN.
It was also conj pro. Venus.

pr. Moon conj. pr.DC (4)
Pluto also conj Asc (2 )

So I guess the ARMC method is a lot more accurate indeed. Those are major significators.
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