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Re: Romance in solar return

It's not impossible. In my experience it's hard to judge from a solar return, since I've had like 4 past returns where I had Venus in 7th, or DC comming to ascedant in the solar , or all those aspects that should have brought relationship, but it didn't. What brought love to me actually was Sun conj Moon conj SR AC, pluto and mercury in the 1st. You wouldn't think of love when you see that but it happened.

In your case Venus and Jupiter SR conj your natal Dsc, so that's hard to say. It's not impossible again, but it might have to do with work and business partnerships, since they are in the SR 2nd house. I have in progression Jupiter conj Venus in Sag, and it hasn't brought anything haha.

However, Neptune will conj your natal moon, and will square the Venus/Jupiter conjunction. SR Venus on its own hand will square your natal moon, so that might definitely talk about romantic illusions, going after the hard ones to get, wanting to heal someone, trying to reach the unreachable.

I've had fair share of experience with those planets, and Neptune can definitely mask reality. It is uncodnitional love too yes, but that's hard to reach. So you might end up meeting someone and some time later you wake up from that dream, because that someone is either non-commital or some other issue, and ask yourself "The hell was I thinking?"

So be more discerning when meeting potential partners, try to not fall head over heals, love doesn't happen at first sight, it's something that's building gradually if it shall last tests of time. And in your SR chart, Saturn is squaring Mars, and that's a pretty difficult energy. You have the two malefics in argument, and Saturn is not making any aspects to the love planets. That square produces great energy and drive, and if you direct it towards the right field, you will reap many rewards.
I look mostly at the moon to see where your subconscious focus and desire will be at, and yours is in 9th. With so much Sag energy I'd say this has mostly to do with work, traveling or possible relocation rather than love/commitment.

But you might most definitely get some fun romance and flings if you are up to that. You have the potential for that most certainly.
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