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Re: read my chart for marriage

for females it's sun's aspects before it leaves that sign, for maless it's the moon's aspect before it leaves a sign. YOu could also play about with Lots --

Part of marriage women (1) Asc + Saturn - venus
Part of marriage women (2) Asc + mars – moon
Part of marriage man (1) Asc + venus – Saturn
Part of marriage man (2) Asc + venus – sun
Lot of Children
Day Lot = Asc. + Sa - Ju
Night Lot = Asc. + Ju - Sa
the above link will calculate for you
The point being is to see if any natal planets is in same degree ie: 3'5" taurus would be same as 3'5" in ANY fixed sign and is considered conjunct. Then a passing transit, progressions or even solar arc could activate this midpoint. All depends if it's the benefic Jupiter, venus etc or malifics saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto

SA Venus conj Jupiter sounds lovely, what house is it in?
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