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read my chart for marriage

-----------New Edit: how did I become the author of this post? Someone else started this thread and now their post it gone? I was commenting on an existing thread, I didn't set it up...--------------

Astrologer50- You're exactly the person to ask this kind of question...You see...I think nothing better helps iron out questions we may have...just like this, than a little bit of time. Have the Sun aspects in your chart reflected the marriage details of your life?

I've only heard Sun aspects for marriage being ... somewhat, experimental. I've never read an astro. book on this, not that they don't exist, just people experimenting with that on here. The 7th however, yes, that's a given. Have the aspects to your 7th ruler and it's placement...reflected themselves in your life?

I really think by asking the more experienced astrologers on here about how their charts have panned out over time for them, can really teach us young'ins a few things. That way we can look toward our 7th, ruler, aspects with more confidence. Plus, the aspects in particular override the house system issue.

(P.s. are you a modern or tradition astrologer, or both?)

7th ruler: Saturn
House: 5th/6th
Aspects: Saturn trine Sun, conjunct Uranus, square Moon, Venus.

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