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Re: Unemployed for a while

As already said you are undergoing 8th lord dasa its in last phase . generally 6 8 12 dasas wont do any good . in this 8th house is worst to have . 8th denotes humilation sufferings disgrace sudden misfortune running away from home suicidal thoughts etc . that too for kanya lagna mars own 8th which its mooltrikona so he shows his full power . generally it extends next dasa too but in your case its some what relief rahu is in 9th venus house so ill things will reduce . things like marriage settling in another place gains from wife many spiritual travels etc take place . prof will be somewhat fine not fully satisfying . by virtue of venus in 10th from moon sign you may get mnc company job. you have little bit luck in wife aspect,though her emotional temperaments may trouble you at times ..

after 2022 things will change gradually period of 24 to 26 will be golden period in your life . it will does everything in a way that ,your life will get settled ..

everything is fine except relationship with father take care ....
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