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Re: What's next in my (pathetic) love life?


You are described by Spicy Aries rising, hot, with an impression that gives a "bang."
Fiery Mars is in fertile Cancer, and in the secretive and private 4th house. While this may describe someone who is hidden and tucked away, the 4th house is full of deep and rich inner worlds and fantasies. Think of it as a deep well.

Moon is in the watery and private sign of Scorpio, being ruled by Mars. The Moon represents thoughts, and she is indeed in the 7th of partnerships/relationships, showing this chart to be valid .
She is in her final degrees, so is the ASC, therefore this indicates a change in situation is to come soon, almost as if a chapter in your life will end to begin anew.

With the abundance of Mars ruled signs and fertile signs, this shows you have a lot of passion to give to the world and your partner.

Uranus in Taurus, another sensual sign, is resting in your first house, soon to square Saturn as they both approach each other. Perhaps some dissatisfaction with where you are in relation to society? Cold, unfeeling Saturn offers nothing to the querent, who just wants love and passion (Uranus/Taurus). This can be seen with the ruler of the 7th, Venus, in the sterile sign of Gemini. Cancer and Gemini are in proximity, but are in aversion to each other, therefore they do not meet, and therefore shows no prospects of love in the near future.

Remember the change in situation, as indicate by the late degrees. With Mars in 4th and in Cancer, this is a perfect time to rest and enjoy your deep & rich imagination to find pleasure within and with yourself (Aries). Mars is inherently selfish, and so maybe you need to look out for yourself a little more rather than looking for others .
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