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What's next in my (pathetic) love life?

My love life has been pathetic, to say the least for a while now. I'm honestly getting tired of even trying new relationships. I know a lot of people say this, but I do feel doomed sometimes. :

So I cast this chart because if I am to judge from past experiences, the next one is going to be a disaster too, so better be prepared, right?

Anyway, the question is What's next in my love life and here's the chart:

My (limited) interpretation:

I am Mars in fall - paints the picture of how I feel well and in the 4th of endings, still processing the last breakup. Suitable that the Moon is in the th house, right? Also in fall. Well, I do feel yucky right now about everything relationships. And it's not just because of my own, like the people around me are also going through stuff.

Now, aspects Moon is making are: a square to Jupiter and an opposition to Sun. Not looking good, both being hard aspects. Sun rules my 5th and is in my 1st, which I don't know how to interpret. A potential ''fling'' coming my way? Judged by the opposition, it won't be fun haha.
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