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Originally Posted by Zora View Post
Moon is a female principle and rules your 4th house mother and your 5th house father.

But o.k. - to each astrologer his own method to analyze a chart.

Best wishes
The moon corresponds to how we nurture ourselves and others. It's who WE are in a motherly sense it does represent our mothers but we can inherent this from our fathers. Me and my father both have the same views about our own mothers. And my moon is on 17 degrees which is a degree that everyone on my father's side has personal planets on. My father was born Jan 7 and his father was born January 7. Both have sun on 17 degrees capricorn. My sun sign however is on 4 taurus. My mother's moon is on 4 aquarius so my sun is inherited from my maternal side. My Venus is on 3 Aries my father's Venus is on 3 Saggitarius. My Jupiter is on 14 Saggitarius my mother's father has Jupiter in that exact same sign also square Saturn in Pisces. If you want to know what you inherit from each parent look at the similarities between. Yours and their charts. The moon also corresponds to women in our life. My fathers moon is in his 8th house my moon is in my 12th house we both have mutable moon signs as well so yes this is something that I inhereted from my father and thus corresponds with my father's side. my father's mother has moon Conj Chiron and square Saturn. I also have hard aspects to Chiron and Saturn to my moon. So this is a place in my chart that is similar only to my father's side. So please tell me more about how you know my chart so well since astrology has given you all the answers. And don't make such claims if you don't know what you are speaking about. It may be that you have a lot to learn about astrology if you've failed to understand this.
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