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Originally Posted by Zora View Post
Do you know whether your mother and your father experienced a lost child before your own birth ? Or did your mother had a miscarriage - a lost soul in your family ? Your both parents longed for to get it healed by your birth ?

Venus direct under AC as ruler of physical body house 2nd and 7th inconjuncts your scorpio moonnode in 7th house- who is trined by your moon. Mars in 5th house -life energy- squares your mercury as ruler of 3rd house - also siblings - where your lilith is in. The dark side of moon and the dark emotions causer in your own thoughts (3rd).
Thank you for your reply. There's a lot I have to say in response. But to answer your question. It's kind of complicated. Before I was born my mother had two abortions before she and my father met. This was always a very sensitive subject in my family because we are Catholic. And she had two abortions because she didn't want to have a child out of wedlock. When she married my father I was conceived and I was fortunately spared and allowed to live because she was married. However as a child I always expected to come home to two older brothers. I always knew deep down I had two older brothers. But my mom didn't reveal to me that she had two abortions until I was about 17-18. My father had told me that "(I wasn't) my mother's first born child" when we got into a bit of an argument when I was about 14 and I had bugged my mom about it for years since I had always knew that I had two older brothers it was like this was finally being confirmed for me. But she eventually confessed to me what had happened and a lot more made sense in my life. Like her career choice and How my mother's family treated me growing up and also how my mother treated me. I was always very cherished and very loved almost too much sometimes. And looking back I see the guilt her and her family had about the previous abortions. And how they seemingly tried to make up for it by treating me so well. I wouldn't say my dad wanted any healing from it. He was very proud to have a son and he wanted to name me after him which he did but only sort of. I took his middle name, but my father goes by his middle name. Because him and his father have the same name. I was also the very first grandchild on my father's side so I was always kinda favored for that reason. So, I was very cherished on both sides growing up I was truly surrounded by love and I think that had a major role in my personality I've always strived to love others as much as possible and I was born in paradise (Hawaii). Many people say that they feel extremely comfortable with me. And everywhere I go people say that I'm like a gift from God and that I've answered their prayers. I think a big part of the comfort and love others feel when they are around me is because of my early childhood, and the love and comfort I experienced. We were very poor when I was young but we were rich with love, if that makes sense. It didn't last long though because when my little brother was born my parents got divorced. I can't say I feel any if the guilt you are talking about though. But the exact opposite of that. Maybe that's the Chiron opposition you are seeing.

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