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Re: Uranus Transit Conj Sun

Originally Posted by Timmytwothumbs View Post
Currently Uranus is Conj my Sun. It's making it's second pass and I've heard the second time it passes after going retrograde is supposed to bring the effects of the transit.

Originally Posted by Timmytwothumbs View Post
Currently Uranus is Conj my Sun. It's making it's second pass and I've heard the second time it passes after going retrograde is supposed to bring the effects of the transit.

Hello Timmytt,

from my experience it is more the third time a transit planet passes. I just experience uranus transit on my taurus moon and mercury in 11th house and on my gemini venus in 12th.

You sun is in your 1st house - personal enforcement - and rules your 6th house- health and work, and your personal capability to adapt yourself to your own experience and outer influence- as experience level. Sun is squared by your natal uranus and is semisextiled by your venus as ruler of your 2nd house- financial income and as ruler of your 7th house. Both – sun and venus have different intentions in your 1st house - purpose of your aries venus is mainly to look for defending your own territory (2nd house), to set boundaries, looking for safety and security and to assure your financial income. Uranus transit on sun and venus will end on march 28th - any change in work and finances happened ? Moon rules my 2nd house - and I experienced an improvement of financial income.

Your natal uranus is in a saturn ruled 11th house- saturn is the decider and landlord of your natal uranus – who rules your 12th house. This 12th house subject uranus always brings along into its transits as well- and 12th house is besides playing a role in outer society -also prenatal experience before own birth.

Originally Posted by Timmytwothumbs View Post
I am a Uranus Dominant.

Definitely true. Your natal uranus is on sensitive special zero degree aquarius in 11th house - between two signs and two worlds - the visible and the invisible- an ignition spark energy (gift and talent) and a mediator skill- 11th house is also house of astrology.

Your uranus is besides sun square and venus sextile in half square with your moon, ruling 4th house –also mother and 5th house – also father and is in halfsquare with your jupiter as ruler of your 9th house – among others- also grandparents..

Every slow-running transit planet entering zero degree will get your natal uranus in vibe and activated for a change - and your uranus is in near sextile with your pluto as ruler of your 8th house - always activating short before your 8th house doors as well. Where all subconsciously stored memory from past experience is in- frozen at the age the event was experienced and mostly in a helpless status.

8th house is as well genetic inheritance and predisposition for health issues from bloodline ancestors and family, psyche, psychological issues and addictions -what can be activated by a transiting planet.

Activation of your 8th house happened by transiting jupiter's semisextile on your pluto on dec 2nd, 2019 first and afterwards by semisextiling your uranus entering zero degree capricorn on dec 5th, 2019.
Originally Posted by Timmytwothumbs View Post
I don't know what to expect. The only thing that I can think of is that I learned that I do in fact have anxiety/panic disorder. And I learned my father also struggles with it and so did his mother.
Upcoming subconsciously stored memory stuff - can be overwhelming as it comes up as a frozen memory from and at a certain age - mostly with a feeling of powerlessnes and helpless- not able to control anything anymore yourself.

Your father is shown by moon as your 5th house ruler -also father and father experience in childhood. Moon is in intercepted pisces in 12th house main ruled by uranus and co-ruled by neptune – you are a very highsensitive sensed born person– with a tendency to get overwhelmed by outer influence and other people’s issues- perceiving too much.

Moon as ruler of 4th and 5th opposes your virgo chiron in 6th house -your personal injury - you share with your both parents – but mainly with your father- as your first model role to be a man and how to act as a man in your life.

Chiron semisextiles your mars as your ruler of asc and inconjuncts your moon/saturn conjunct. You share same experience of being a man with your father and took already something over before your birth during pregnancy of your mother- who probably had a hard time that time in her environment. And felt herself not accepted in her own reputation in outer society – what you witnessed and took subconsiously over in body-unity with your mother that time and probably felt yourself as guilty for – not knowing and not yet being able to sort it out/in the right way as a tiny little baby. Chiron in virgo has the emotional body meridian-impression of feeling guilty as injury – virgo in health house is a sensitive intestine..

Originally Posted by Timmytwothumbs View Post
And a lot of things make sense in my life now. But, is that it? It seems really underwhelming and honestly a bit disappointing.

No - don't worry - it is not yet finished. Wait for saturn’s transit as your 11th house and midheaven and lifepath ruler – to get it completed and see the complete picture. Starting march 21st with your pluto and on march 28th, 2020 with your natal uranus - ending december 22nd., 2020. From my experience saturn's transit and especially it's conjunctions are the most changing life ones.

Saturn and neptune are in special sign reception in your chart - each in the sign of the other. Neptune and its transits definitely also plays an important role in your chart - and is conjuncting your moon now - for a healing of childhood experience and to get independant from.

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