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Re: When Will I get a Job?

hope jup transit own sag 7th helps,
could think of being a govt university lecturer,
or try for indian forensic/foreign services or similar departments,
home/intelligence or public relations departments,
or govt secretarial roles beginning as probationary officer,
or information officer, etc etc at state/central levels
and in banks, railways, universities, govt institutes, etc etc

may think of human resources management
in govt/private or with consultancy organisations;

accept whatever comes your way and look for your choices,
without being too rigid and choosy in the beginning
losing time and opportunities and becoming depressive by choice.

could be a recruiter in private/consultancy organisations
marketing jobs dealing with candidates, corporates, universities etc,
or university placement officer. have to shape your aptitudes;
need to begin somewhere while transits are stressful;
hope things work out trying for variety of things suiting your aptitudes;

sat dasa, looking for innovative-reformist roles n distant lands, shaping luck;
human relations n admin jobs in technical institutes perhaps!
Research Asst in IIMs etc in hr area etc.

it is for you to find your path by trial-error and with flexibility;
need to shape your reflections,

wishing you all is well, kshantaram
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