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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
Jup lord 7th for business is negating to 6th for services,
can think of research consultancy services;
asc lord mercury for profession is elevated over virgo 4th,
growth-riches through intellectual pursuits;
sun-mer-venus, literary-oratory, medicine, pharma, etc.
venus elevated aspect over pisces 10th supportive of career;
jup trine own pisces 10th again supportive of career;
sat own acq 9th for technical aptitudes-innovation-distant travels;
acq-sat settling at 36+, 19yrs sat dasa now.

can reflect on this and integrate n plan viable ideas step by step,
btw what are your qualifications n experience and interests;
sharing background makes things interesting n relevant!

wishing you well, kshantaram
Sir, My Interests Are-

I don't like Maths, Science,Accounting, and Statistics.
I don't like fields that require a lot of quantitative aptitude, number crunching, mathematical work, and Statistics.
I like fields that are more theoretical and less numerical in nature like-English, Hindi, Languages, History, Geography.
I prefer a Government Job because of Job Security but it also requires Maths(Quantitative Aptitude) and Logical Reasoning which I struggle to clear during Competition Exams and fail cut off required for general category.
I don't like private job because of lack of Job Security and also the salary is less as well compared to Government Job.
Starting Up a Business seems risky and I have no experience of running a business either.
So, I feel depressed and suicidal.
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