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Re: When Will I get a Job?

Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
Sat-ketu now 1.5yr transit badhaka sag 7th opp moon,
emotional stress in health and relationship,
pain-injury-surgery thighs, abdominals etc;

sat sag aspect own acq 9th sextile natal sat,
protective of luck-education-travels;
but not good for health of father;

observe fast sat evenings; sat acq settling at 36+,
technical-innovative aptitudes-distant lands;

natal ketu aries 11th, hyper-impulsive;
detachment from income-gains-friendships;
pain-injury-surgery arms-shoulders-ears-head etc;
light til oil lamp for lord Ganesha daily mornings;

16yrs jup mahadasa, jup scorpio 6th, research-occult-forensic aptitudes;
jup trine own pisces 10th supportive of career with extra efforts;
liver-urological health issues;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers tues evenings;
wear yellow sapphire over pendant touching heart;
jup trine elevated aspect cancer 2nd,
supportive of family-finances;

jup Nov 5 enters own sag 7th opp moon,
growth through advisory-research roles, but under stress-delay;
jup trine aries 11th for income-gains-friendships;
jup sag effective mid-course march-june 2020 to watch!

hope this helps, share how insightful-helpful,
traits-talents-health-life trends-ideas-remedies, etc

wishing well with jupiter, kshantaram
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