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Re: Saturn & Scorpio & Fun Times

Originally Posted by 317537 View Post
Hi there, new to this forum. Happy to be here Been interested in astrology for a long time. Have recently been studying more and looking into my chart with greater detail. I'm Scorpio with Leo Moon and Leo Rising, stellium in the 3rd & 4th. Mars & Moon in the 12th. Saturn in the 1st. Oh yeah. Saturn transiting my 4th right now. Not so much fun. I've recently been reading about the asteroids and fixed stars. I look forward to learning more from this community and meeting Saturn Specialists Speak soon and have a great day!
Hi there 317537, welcome to our astrological learning forum where many of us are complete beginners in astrology, although there are also members who have as much as approaching fifty years of astrological experience, such as dr. farr

By the way, a natal chart is viewed as a complete whole
focusing on one planet
or aspect
to the exclusion of all others
tends towards unreliable astrological delineation
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