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Originally Posted by Zora View Post
Hi KingKrime,

as all what you can experience in your life is shown in your chart - one can also see in your chart and actual transits - how you experience your relationship right now.

Your 7th house sign and energy and ruler of 7th house show your relationships and kind of men you feel yourself attracted from and for what you are looking for to experience in your relationships to get your own chart energies feeded. 8th house is long term relationship and marriag.

Your 7th house and your 8th house is ruled by neptune. Neptune is in 6th house in aquarius. And your neptune is now conjuncted by transit saturn - for more stability and improvement in your relationship and to feel yourself loved and seen as you are. As saturn in your chart rules your 5th house - love and romance, how you as a being are and express yourself and your own being. This is what saturn takes into it's transits when coming across to activate your natal planets.

But as you have yourself a pattern to quickly adapt yourself to a partner and feel the need to do very much to not lose the partner and to keep his attention - this time transit uranus has "an eye on you" supporting and energyzing you same time by squaring your neptune in 6th house - to not lose yourself in doing so much for your partner and to not put yourself and your needs again on 2nd place.
Thank you!! I do in-fact have a bad habit of putting my partners before myself. One thing Iím worried about right now is that he still hasnít said he loves me. This will be the healthiest and longest relationship Iíve ever been in, but also the longest time Iíve gone without the man saying he loves me. Im more myself in this relationship than Iíve ever been, but is myself not enough? The troubles of a Pisces moon 😅
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