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Re: Sell my home? Libra indecision

That's not a question natal astrology can answer. We could look at your transits and progressions, but that wouldn't tell us whether or not you should sell your home, and that wouldn't tell us whether or not you will. The same transits and progressions will happen no matter what you decide, and could be just as easily associated with either decision.

I can believe that Uranus moving through your fourth house, having crossed your IC in the past year, is associated with desire for change in the area of home/housing. In Taurus, too, the sign associated with personal finance. No accident that your primary consideration here seems to be financial.

Do you currently rent out that home? Or is it empty?

If you aren't currently renting it out, that could be an in between option. It would give you income and put the house to use without you having to sell it or move back.

If you are currently renting it out, might your tenant(s) be interested in buying it? Especially if you have a long term tenant, it seems only fair to give them that option.
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