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Re: my heart is constantly broken, should I give up?

you do have a difficult emotional pattern.
your mercury is conjunct to Venus which shows you to be very loving and out seems that relationships start well as your emotions and minds are happy together. but your moon/Neptune midpoint is opposed to Venus/mercury and Neptune is opposed to the sun/mercury and sun/venus midpoints so there are always complications on the background. this could be other people involved or it can be outright emotional you have Saturn square to Neptune, it seems that you draw insincere have a very complicate mental makeup, doubtlessly because of your parents indirect expression of love and understanding. Saturn/Neptune also suggest a alcohol/drug problem in your family and it may be that you unconsciously find yourself drawn to men with a similar behavior.
with Uranus square your nodal axis, you have very strong psychic/astra; powers but can be very volatile. that is you can change for very little reason. this aspect gives prophetic astral dreams . I suggest you look to relationships with some one who also is trying to develop their psychic side.

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