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Re: my heart is constantly broken, should I give up?

Hi Ilene,

It means a great deal to me that you took the time to reply to my post. I agree with the points you brought up, and I will meditate on the question.

I do know that I tend to be very self-analytical but have difficulty expressing my emotions into words, so this may be a difficult exercise for me. I think I do fall in love easily and maybe I see who they want to be, or could be (Neptune in 7th). Then when the reality or realization sets in, the knife feels like it plunges a little deeper each time. Is this just my destiny/karma with the rVenus? I do recognize that we, as humans, experience suffering regardless of the circumstance. I think I just need hope.

I think I read somewhere, a while back, that it can take many decades for Venus to turn direct. Do you have any knowledge about this from your experience/research?

If I may, and if you feel comfortable sharing, what spiritual philosophy, if any, do you follow?

Again, thank you Ilene, it really helped me feel a little less alone, and I wish the best to you as well.
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