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Re: my heart is constantly broken, should I give up?

My Venus is in Cancer and while not natally retrograde, became so by progression very early in life. My answer to your question is no, don't give up. I don't think you are really asking the right question, but since this is the one you asked, then I have answered it. Rather than giving up, what might be useful is to find new ways to relate to the circumstances of your life besides your conditioned ways, like thinking that your heart is always broken. Perhaps relate to the heart breaking circumstances of your life with simple curiosity, as an example. Maybe your heart always feels broken, but there is suffering of equal degree when we are single as when we are in relationship. There is no escaping suffering in this life. So we must pick what we want carefully, knowing that our hearts being broken regularly is a very natural part of being human. A broken heart is no big deal, and if allowed to, always passes in its own organic time.

So I wonder, what is the real question your self needs to be asking? Examining yourself very carefully and very gently will likely let you know what it is. Spend some quite time quietly reflecting and see what you come up with.

Wishing you the best.

"You gotta have heart..." Richard Adler 1921-2012

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