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Re: Ascendant and Sun sign and how you identify

Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
I think, at least developmentally, people are their Moon very early, like in the arms of the mother. I think they manifest their rising sign as they begin the engage the world a bit more independently. And I think most of us are able to "get" or be conscious of our rising sign; like it is usually pretty evident. Personally I think that we are able to "get" or become our Sun the latest of the three, perhaps because we develop our identity/ego the latest in life.
Sometimes I am still not sure that I fully get my Sun sign consciously , although in a way I suppose know it very well....
That was well put.

I do think though that we identify ourselves with the Moon throughout our lives. Why? Because the Moon is a whole lot more than just the mother and emotions. It has everything to do with our internal dynamics - our fears, our comfort level, our mood, how we feel at any given moment. I have a Cap Moon and, despite being usually a rather gregarious person - given my Leo Asc. and a 7th house exalted Venus with Mercury close by, if I do not 'like' or feel comfortable in my immediate surroundings, or something is bothering me, I am the exact opposite and completely withdrawn. My Moon is also afflicted by Saturn, so that sort of doubles the effect.

What I am trying to say through my own personal example is that the Moon is as close as it gets astrologically and the 'planet' you will identify yourself with your whole life because even a child has fears and insecurities, which only increase as we grow up.

I also know that I have been highly independent (Aquarius Sun and Leo Asc.) from the beginning in most all respects. So, I do think that we relate to all of those, but in different ways. I do agree though that of course the ego-identity takes the longest to develop.

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