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Re: Ascendant and Sun sign and how you identify

Originally Posted by obsidianmineral View Post
What have you observed when seeing people and comparing their personality traits to their charts? Do they identify as their Sun sign or as their ascendant, or maybe their Moon?

I am a Cancer ascendant and I really identify with the sign of Cancer. I identify with being sensitive, caring and empathetic, with loving my home and my family. My Moon is in Libra and I usually subconsciously tend to be like that sign in social situations. My Sun is in Aries, a sign seen as one of the strongest and maybe the most hot-headed sign. I do identify as well with the traits that describe it. However, I think it's more of what I want to become, rather than what I have been. Maybe I display more Aries signs than I believe with others, but I feel strongly drawn to the idea of becoming an Aries and also feel Aries energy deep down inside me. It's more of a part of my personality that is in my head, not really something that's shown. I naturally tend to adopt ideals that resonate with the sign. I don't think it is how I show myself to others because it's just how I take things and rationalize what is going on. Could it be because Mars, the ruler, is in the 4th? You know, as the time passes, I identify more and more with Aries and less with the other signs. It's what I want to be.
Good question!

Unfortunately I don't know anyone who practices Astrology and people get suspicious when asked about their time of birth so if I don't have that piece of information I rarely pull up a chart. As for me, I'm a Leo with an Aquarius moon and Scorpio ascendant. Scorpio on the ascendant - I'm sensitive and guarded but you wouldn't really catch it unless you poke at me. My Aquarius moon probably explains my coldness or lack of emotional expression my close friends always remind me of. Majority of the time I'm not aware of my detachment. I think the tight conjunction with Saturn has more to do with that. On a good day, my emotions are strong but stable and on a bad day, my emotions feel very heavy and borderline depressive. The Leo energy in my chart is strong but seems hard to express. Imo the Scorpio asc and Moon-Saturn conjunction suppress to a certain degree. I'm definitely a fiery Leo but with more depth and seriousness.
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