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Re: Pluto conjunctions in composite chart

Originally Posted by Ganeshastro14 View Post
How do you feel pluto conjunctions to personal planets in a composite chart ? Are they considered as hard aspects ? How do they show ? How do you feel them ?

Hi, Ganeshastro,

a composite shows you both as a couple. If you are not yet a couple - or TOB of second part is unknown - it is useless to look into the composite.

If you want to understand - how you feel your both interacting planets and energies - it is better to look into a synastry of you both- with you as the questioner inside the circle.

And never forget to same time look at both natal charts with actual active transits on natal planets - too. Especially if ruler of 7th house - attracting a matching partner and to start a new relationship - is transit activated - to get something happen.
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