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Originally Posted by liz6396 View Post
Hi Everyone!.....I'm new here and a total rookie in astrology. I've been trying to understand horary astrology and was wondering if someone could take a crack at helping me interpret the attached chart. the question I asked was "is there potential for a relationships with ___". Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!

*Things I notice:
the decendent of this chart is conjunct my natal moon (which you dont have my natal, but can take my word for)
the person I'm asking about is in the first house
nothing is in detriment...venus (me) is in pisces
no aspects between me (venus) and person asking about (mars), however sextile between me (venus) and pluto (scorpios other ruler)
Well, Iím no expert either with decades of experience at analyzing horary charts, so all I can offer is my own educated opinion, and hopefully get help from other astrologers willing to give their two cents on the matter.

In horary, the astrologer does not usually consider generational planets (Pluto, Neptune and Uranus) because their movements are too slow to affect the matters of a simple horary chart. Maybe if the question encompassed an entire lifetime, then maybe, but for oneís entire life, people use natal charts.

Potential for relationships are usually judged by how well the significators receive each other through accidental or essential dignities. The significators are the cusps of the houses which represent the matter, in this case 1st and 7th, and the rulers of said signs that fall on these cusps. In the chart, Venus, the ruler of the ascendant, is in:

1. The sign of Pisces, on the cusp of the 12th, in its exaltation.
2. In its own triplicity, as Venus rules the water signs during the day (also the earth signs, by the way)
3. In the terms of Mars, as it falls within the 20th and 26th degree of Pisces
4. In the face or decan of Mars, as it falls within the last ten degrees of the sign.

As for Mars, it is:

1. In the sign of Gemini, in the 1st house (the house of the querent)
2. In the triplicity of Saturn, as this planet rules the air signs during the day
3. In the terms of Mercury, as it is in the 7th degree of Gemini
4. In the face of Jupiter, because itís in the first degrees of the sign.

Therefore, we say that Mars is peregrine in the house of the querent.

The secondary signficator of the quesited is the Sun, as it rules men in general. The Sun is in:

1. The sign of Pisces, in the exaltation of Venus and ruled by Jupiter (traditionally).
2. In the triplicity of Mars,
3. In the terms of Mars, as it is before the 26th degree
4. In the face of Mars, because itís in the last 10 degrees

Lastly, we also have to consider the Moon, the planet that represents your concerns, your emotional well-being, your needs and, generally speaking, what you want from this matter. William Lilly said that the Moon is the most important planet in all of horary, because it carries more energy than the rest of the planets specifically in these kinds of charts.

So, the Moon:

1. Is in the sign of Aries, in the 12th house
2. In the triplicity of the Sun, because the Sun rules fire signs during the day
3. In the terms of Venus, since itís between the 7th and 14th degree of the sign
4. In the face of Mars, as itís in the first 10 degrees

Now, going to reception:

Both Venus and the Moon are in dignities of Mars, which indicate receptivity from the quesited. This means he probably finds you attractive and is open for a relationship. Heís also in the first house, therefore heís interested in you. The Sun (him) is in the sign of the exaltation of Venus, probably signifying your great interest in him. Venus (you) is also applying to the Sun by conjunction. This really means unity and that youíre likely to get together.

There is also a separating aspect between the Moon and Mars, the quesited and the querent, reflecting recent good communication, good impressions and reception between you two.

There is also a minor grand trine where Saturn is training Mars and sextiling the Moon, and even though there are no aspects between Venus and Mars, this is a good indicator. I would say that there is possibility for a relationship.

So overall, I see that even if all the conditions arenít perfect (as the Sun is also causing Venus to be combust), which might indicate that things may become overwhelming, there still is reception through accidental and essential means.

There is a high probability that things will happen, through your own will and with the help of other circumstances and other people. This doesnít mean itís going to be perfect, however.
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