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Own children

Dear knowledgeable forum members,

I'm new here, just stumbled across this great forum, not knowing much, if anything about astrology, but have been searching for answers for a while now. My idea would be to find a great interpreter to go to but so far I haven't found one.

This year I had two miscarriages, 7/8 and 8/9w, so fairly early on. The first one was a huge disappointment, it was difficult to let go because we were really looking forward to the baby and everything happened as I had once been told by some astrologer (a great surprise, a welcome child, etc).

I conceived very fast both times so this was obviously not a problem, but I was unable to keep it. As I'm fairly "old" I would like your input on this matter, preferrably other matters too, but I don't want to be too greedy in my first query

I have to say that my first pregnancy happened when my actual ovulation was aligned with my lunar ovulation, while the second one happened outside my lunar fertility phase, which surprises me as I've read that you can't really get pregnant if you don't have a lunar ovulation.

My chart should be in the attachment. I know I have Saturn in my 5th, which isn't that great (to put it mildly), and 5th cusp in Leo, and Gemini Asc, which aren't fertile signs, but I'm just listing things I've read as I don't really know much about astrology, let alone this particular topic.

I would like to know, if possible, will I have children, or rather a child of my own (not my partner's or adopted or anything of the like), when if it's possible to say, and if the pregnancy will be a difficult one.

I presume one should look at 12th house for the third pregnancy, which also puts some fear in me.

Thank you big time in advance to anyone who would be willing to give their input
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