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Re: Why is he ghosting my friend?

Originally Posted by Januarystorm View Post

this took an unexpected turn!!! woowwww what did he do??

jesus christ well i for one did NOT see that coming....prison jeez

but my prediction about him not communicating was pretty close right? there was a problem with communication....his phone was taken away...i knew it was something with the phone for sure

shoutout to @ilenek for always saying there is someone else no matter what lol you keep doing your thing tho
Thanks. Well, I have no idea what he did. He may have abused the industry system, or gotten accused of doing that while it was some of his clients who are guilty, not him. He buys old buildings and builds new ones in their place and then he sells them. He is not a powerful investor, no influential people are protecting him, so he may have been framed by a powerful competitor. I actually think he may have side chicks, because he declined my friend's offer to move in together, and neither of them are young, so he needs privacy to do his thing. At that age!! I told her to forget about him a while ago and I think she may do that.
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