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Re: Chart interpretations, personality?

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But I cant relate to Ketu part. Ketu is where we feel 'safe', something that we are familiar with, right? I just can't feel it. It's a bit weird statement, but I dont like being safe and secure, uncertainity is much more attractive. And family matters really never interested me. Money neither. I like, as pretty much everyone, to 'have things', but I dont put much thought to it.
Interesting! The opinions differ greatly on this subject, but I will give you my personal philosophical perspective. Well, Ketu's placement is that part of life that we feel we have already mastered. Now it's true what you say about feeling safe, but as long as we cling to to that part, ketu will deny us fulfillment and thus happiness in the long run. Maybe it'll be useful for you to dive into the Rahu-Ketu mythology, since they are of the same body.

Some people will cling to it regardless until they are forced out of it (mostly in the second half of life) to grow towards their Rahu goals, which causes great sorrow. Why? Because Rahu is filled with shadow and it brings you illusion, and the later you start the more difficulty there is to exhaust it's energy. Rahu is the head of the body, it eats alot without digesting it's substance. This is what I would call the karmic path.

Others go through sorrow and hardship in the early parts and they start early on with that the life goals that Rahu indicates. For these people the second part of life will be better. Why? Because they exhaust the rahu-energy early on and then return to ketu, and ketu is the body without the head, it's digesting it's substance. This is what I would call the dharmic path.

Ketu in fact, is looking for it's head(Rahu) so that it can digest it's substance. What does that mean? That Rahu is destined to return to Ketu, because it can't digest anything by itself. And both Rahu and Ketu will become one in the end, which is representative of a wholesome life. If they don't come together in the end, Rahu get's lost in illusion, and it's safe to say you've wasted your potential.

Now, how do we relate this to your chart? It seems to me like you're already on your dharmic path. This is not something I could see in a birth chart, this is the principle free will.

What I could possible see, is that there are indicators that may have triggered you to be on that path. As I said, that conjunction with the Vertex may play a role. Also I see your Scorpio moon opposing your 12th lord in the fifth. From a traditional perspective, the lord of your ketu is Saturn retrograde. That could simply mean that you would develop the qualities of your Ketu-placement over time, Saturn delays things. Looking at the positions of your generational planets I see that you're still pretty young.
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