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Re: Where is my lost ID badge?

as the other members already told you your id is mercury combust in scoprio.
it seems that if you lost at it work probably at a corridor near a bathroom, cause mercury is near the end of the cusp of the 8th house also...moreover scoprio tells us about near something wet....(bathroom, toilet, next to water pipes, in a dirty part where rubbish or junk is kept, trashcan,in an empty room, wash room, medicine cabinet, secret drawer or chest, etc)
however since pof also sun and mercury in a separating aspect from sun as also moon, mayby a coworker already find it so check that option too.
by antiscion in an opposition with venus in your tenth, so check also a bag or something soft like clothes, fabric etc..

Scorpio is indicative also of north east location, while pof east by north...and by antiscion again on 3rd check corridors and stairs first near toilets

anyway check first at your work so we will see then other possible locations

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