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Re: Will I ever fall in love?

I know the feel. Crushing. I've noticed with my friends and their relationships it's not always the pretty girls that get all the guys. Sure they may flirt for a while but that doesn't mean anything. The girls that usually get all the guys have a great personality. Cliche but trust me. Focus on what your good at. Get better at it. Learn something new. Guys fall for girls that they can relate to. Have a conversation with. Don't worry about loosing your virginity. If you just hook up with the first guy that fancies you, It'll 5 minutes of pain then rolling over and falling asleep. Wait for the right guy and it'll be an amazing experience. He's worth waiting for. Even tho looks don't matter, in a way they matter. Look nice, do your hair, wear as little makeup as possible. Dress nice but nothing too showy.
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