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Re: How does he feel about me?

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Mars is in the Terms of Venus, while Venus is in the Face of mars, so there is a bit of reciprocity.
You are strong as you say, in your own sign and entering your own house (8th). Thinking sexy about him?
He as Venus approaches the pluto conjunction, who is co-ruler of your (sexy) 8th.
Sun left an aspect with mars and is almost aspecting Venus, transferring light, which all forms a Yod with the moon in opposition.
So yes, he feels positively about you, there is a coming together, but with some tension, and moon in 3rd would indicate it is a communication problem.
Hi, Elena!

I saw him today and he expressed that he still wants to spend some time with me outside of work and get to know me better. We talked a few times today, actually. It was nice seeing him. I did get the vibe he is still interested and I tried to make it clear to him as well. The only communication problem I can think of at the moment is that sometimes we go a couple days without seeing each other (our schedules are different). Hopefully we'll get to know each other more soon!

Thank you for your interpretations !
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