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Re: OK, so Mercury conjunct Uranus is a "genius" aspect.

Originally Posted by MoonlightSonata View Post
Is Saturn being a schoolmarm to your Mercury or Uranus via aspects? If so, I would venture to say you're more predictable and reserved due to your Moon-Saturn conjunction (controlled emotions?) than you would be without Saturn's intervening.
That would be neat, wouldn't it? They are in sextile. Moon-Saturn are in Virgo and Mercury-Uranus are in Scorpio. I could be Jane Goldilocks Holmes, the daughter of Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes.

But why not the other way around? Every saturday morning, Moon-Saturn fill their little cart with apples to take them to the market to sell... It's a mountainous region, the road is narrow and sinuous and the weather is often foggy... and guess who lives nearby? Yep. Uranus. The guy is one reckless driver and boy he loves fast cars... Let's just say Moon-Saturn's apples don't always make it to the market, lol.
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