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Re: Synastry and composite help

His Sun/Merc/Chiron are in as very tight conjunction in Leo. At first, one might think he was kind of arrogant, but that conjunction is opposed to Saturn, exalted in Aquarius. So I think he is very humble and respectful, even with that fixed Fire stellium.

That Chiron/Saturn opposition may give him bouts where he lacks self confidence, which is hard for a Leo to deal with. Your Sun in Libra trines his Saturn, so you are a good support system for him, on many levels.

His Moon is in Libra, although not conjunct your Sun. But it is still beneficial because it is conjunct your Jupiter in your 1st and his 5th of Love. That is like a Love Bomb that is constantly playing in the background.

His Libra Moon is opposed your Aries Moon, which has good and bad. You may get impatient with each other as you have opposite ways of expressing your emotions. You are sometimes impulsive and impatient and he can be indecisive and noncommittal . Luckily you are a Libran Sun, so you speak his language.

He wants to be polite, respectful, and not get into loud emotional arguments. His Mars in Gemini shuts down when yelling begins?

You have Moon in Aries opposed Jupiter so you might have a short fuse at times?

Your passionate Venus/Pluto conjunction in Scorpio is in your 3rd house of self expression.

His Saturn lands in your 5th and challenges your Venus/pluto. I am not sure how that plays out in your relationship. Jealousy?

Does he feel insecure about your sexiness?

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