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Re: Can you help me to read my dads chart??

Very sorry for your loss.

I think you've handled the main things. While I don't think you can predict death, you might look at your father's progressions and transits for a few weeks leading up to the day he died. They should suggest any particular strains he was under.

One thing I picked up from the aspectarian is that your father had a lot of quintiles in his chart. This suggests he was both talented and ambitious. If he couldn't manifest his talents and ambitions in a constructive way (perhaps due to his mental health) he may have felt like a failure. I note he was born in NF. I don't know if you were living there when his suicide occured, but you might also consider the state of mental health services and the economy (employment) at the time it happened. Sometimes people cry for help but can't find or won't use the help lines available to them.

I note that your father had Venus and Saturn dignified in their own signs, as well. No doubt he was a talented person.
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