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Re: Navigating one's life according to North and South Node placements

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
Thanks for the replies.

Everything you mentioned is there. Intercepted sign, Saturn in interception, Pluto at anaretic degree.

Here's my birth chart:

venus with the node gives you a very attractive nature both shows you have a strong aura or a air of magic atound you as others sense you presence before you enter a room.some say they can see you image also simmer in the light. this makes your intuitions very good . you are psychic in that what you feel about others is always true.
chiron with the node is an aspect of great intelligence. your mind insharrp with excellent deductive and critical mental abilities. this position very often gives a photographic memory

with chiron conjunct to venus and the node, in realtionships you always want tonow everything about the "other". you want to know every they think or how they feel about everything.this can bring a very intimate relationship because you know each toher so well. but there is usually something quirky in your relationships. often you end up with someone that is not what you usually look for. it adds a sexual intensity to your already strong emotional/sexual attraction but there is always a unusual "kink".
with your sun conjunct to the node and opposed to Uranus, you also have access to the astral plane which shows up in your vivid/flying dreams. your dreams can give you answers to questions in your life and your dreams can be prophetic. this opposition makes you are very active and far sighted individual. you love the unique and area always trying to stretch your horizons. this can make you a"radical" at times as you don't stand for corrupt moral standards.

this aspect of your personality make surprise of confuse others because with the moon opposed Jupiter and sextile to mars and Saturn, you are actually very conservative in some ways.
with the sun/mercury midpoint conjunct to chiron and the node, another aspect of great intelligence appears. This aspect increases you psychic abilities and you likely can read others thoughts.
this increase all I said about Chiron. you are very intelligent with a incisive intellect. you are a problem solver and like to be able to understand both sides to any discussion or problem.
this makes you a very loyal friend but if you are betrayed or offended ,you will "freeze" the offender out of your life,even if it is a friend.

the sun adds to presence. it sows you affect everyone and everything were ever you show up. it is another aspect of a"magic" that seems to envelope you at ties.
this is an aspect of white magic but dark element's are also attracted to you,so you must be careful who allow to get to know you.


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