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Re: Navigating one's life according to North and South Node placements

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
I think that this relationship is my destiny. I tried to establish relationship with local Hungarian women but I only got rejections and failure. The planets didn't help me rather bring obstacles.
I think this has a lot to do with your Sun/Venus yod--which involves a conjunction of your seventh house ruler and traditional fifth house ruler, and the planet at your DC (Jupiter), which also happens to be your south node ruler. Yods work like that: they can be a strange case of everything going wrong. The reason is, the planets involved all have to function well, individually, for the areas of life they have say over to be functioning well, but it's usually quite difficult to actually get a yod functioning well. Planets in quincunx are energies that you're apt to feel are irreconcilable. Yods involve a sextile and two quincunxes, so the planets in sextile team up, in a way, on the planet(s) at the apex--which represent a seemingly irreconcilable difference.

Considering what's involved here, it looks like you put marriage/business partnership together, but in a different category from love (Venus) and from being your true self (Sun). So, you are now in a marriage that lacks love, lacks sexual attraction, and apparently doesn't have much room for you to be yourself.

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
Technically the nodes are in my H5/11 that's why I thought they play a role in my struggle with H5. So if my NN is associated with H12 matters so then my life purpose is being in solitude, seclusion and isolation?
When we read the north node for where you're going, we look at the positive meanings of its placement. A sixth house south node is drudgery, and/or too much focus on the mundane, to the exclusion of anything else. A twelfth house north node is the opportunity to let go of that, to focus on yourself, to develop spiritually, and to take all the space you need for that. It might be solitary space, but it might just as easily be space shared with others who support your letting go of mundane concerns and focusing on yourself, who walk the same path. Monasteries are an example of that kind of shared space, and they're indicated by the twelfth house.

That doesn't mean you have to become a monk to fulfill your north node, but you definitely need something that fits the same kind of parameters. Here, we can also look at your eleventh house, because that's where the meaning of eleventh house overlaps with the meaning of the twelfth (since the node is at the cusp, I look at where the house meanings overlap). Both houses deal with the longterm, the legacy you leave, becoming bigger than yourself. The eleventh house has more of a community focus: who supports you in that kind of development? Who can you share the journey with? In the twelfth, you can make the journey either alone or in community: you might want a community around you, but you can also develop in a solitary way if you decide that suits you better.

Since your north node ruler is in the eleventh house, that adds more eleventh house to the picture. I would say your destiny has much more to do with finding or building a community that supports your development, than with being solitary. You might want solitude at times--a twelfth house sun suggests a need for that, in fact--but not loneliness.

Regarding your south node, there's also plenty of overlap in the houses. A fifth house south node speaks, in a way, to something similar to a sixth house one: fifth house is the short term, eleventh house is the long term. Fifth and sixth houses overlap in the arena of mundane concerns. Fifth house = what's fun. Sixth house = what's necessary. Fifth house = children. Sixth house = work, including the work of parenting and supporting a family. Fifth house = hobby. Sixth house = job (they overlap if you turn a hobby into a job, but with the sixth house, you have the addition of having to do the not-fun parts of the job). Basically, your south node indicates a focus on immediate and short term concerns. The placement of its ruler adds the details of feeling trapped in a partnership, and also suggests that you got into that partnership feeling it was your survival, in a sense.

But, this is your south node. As you've pointed out, the south node is been there, done that, ready to move on. You have another destiny beyond this stultifying marriage.

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
I got only rejections before I met my current wife. Actually my hobby is growing tropical/exotic plants and orchids. I had an exotic plant collection back in Hungary. I sold many on eBay all around Europe and Russia for a side income. And I dealt with people from SE Asia to get some seeds/cuttings/plantlets. In order to access to cheaper and better cuttings I wanted to pick up some language to join some Asian plant collector's groups with ease. So I met my wife in a language exchange session in Budapest. I made friends with her quickly then I started to talk to her about my projects and my obsession with exotic plants and orchids. Then she said if I'm OK with it she has some land in a village back in Malaysia (easy to deal with tropical orchids) then her employment contract would end soon and she is going back and what about if I follow her. But if so, since it's a village full of gossip we have to marry. An unmarried couple stays together without married is a no-no here. Then it's also easy to apply for a residence permit then.

So I started to think. I asked around my friends. I knew I wasn't attracted to her sexually so I didn't 'crush' on her. I discussed with my parents also. Actually when it came into women I had an ideal image of beauty (Venus H12 maybe) and she is totally against it. I thought that sometimes one can't get one's ideal so one must compromise and I thought it will be all right but now I know that sexual attraction is something that can not be bargained. This is a huge lesson for me by the way.
That's not an arranged marriage. For it to be an arranged marriage, someone would have to have arranged it for you. Instead, you chose to marry her. It may not be a genuine love match, but that doesn't mean it's arranged.

It sounds like the emotional reality is like an arranged marriage, though, in that you feel that on some level, you had no choice, and still have no choice. Which isn't true. You could leave the marriage. It might be logistically difficult, but it's not impossible.

Maybe once upon a time in a past life (if you believe in such things), you did have an arranged marriage. The placement of your south node ruler could be describing that. South node past life stories tend to have an echo in the current life. I think this marriage is your echo.

South node opposed by Venus can also speak to unrequited love, ideals of beauty that you can't seem to meet, things like that.

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
So this relationship seems to be my destiny. I don't know that if it end (maybe it will when I have my H5 planets transit my H8). Actually I learned many things and I transformed anlot during these years. I don't know how that will impact my life on a long-term basis but definitely it will.
It won't end if you just sit around waiting for it to end (unless one of you dies, but if you're hoping for that, that's definitely a sign that you need to get out!). Planetary transits or no, you have to take action to make it happen. Transits might help your efforts, but they don't make things happen without effort on your part.

If you want to leave this marriage, what would you need in order to make it feasible? What are some first steps you could take to get there? Think about that.
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