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Re: Colonoscopy or not to colonoscopy

It might not be transit Mercury you need to worry about. As ruler of your 6th house (physical complaints) natal Mercury is unexpected in your chart, which could incline towards thoughts in your mind based upon emotion rather than rationality (Could also explain 'hating' your 6th house job). Yet this Mercury does not necessarily revert to a physical issue

What could be more important is transit Venus that entered Sagittarius early January. It took in the aspects linked to the mutable signs.
Look at its natal aspects to Moon-Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the T-square(s), and what all mean to you.

There may be a desire to cancel the appointment when Tr. Venus sextiles natal Mercury, whereas the same aspect can reveal anything of a suspicious nature.
Tr. Venus goes on to join tr. Saturn, which crosses Ascendant shortly before the date of appointment. Tr. Venus then squares natal Sun and conjoins tr. Pluto.

It could well be an 'eating issue' to deal with more emotional issues difficult to accept. Yet transit Saturn crossing Asc. could suggest that it is an issue which will not go away of itself and a medical appointment ( to Mercury, ruler of 6th house) is worth keeping. Check ups are never futile.

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