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does he have a face tattoo?

i have been talking to this guy through internet, he lives abroad but i definately would say we have like a click going on, i think he is really cute and everything.... BUT i have been wondering about something and its weird...the thing is i think he has a tattoo on his face...i even think i saw photos of him with a face tattoo on his social media, until one day when i just jokingly said something like thats as stupid as getting a tattoo on your which i meant like the mugshot of that crystal meth addict mom with the swastika on her forehead....NOT like the cool tats i see nowadays WHICH I ACTUALLY like very much and i would even think he is more hot with it- i have venus in aquarius i like such things....but unfortunately after i said that i think he deleted the photos where its visible and now everytime we facetime he either has like a scarve on or is filming in the dark or from a strange angle and now i feel weird even asking since he is so weird about it!!!....and i didnt even mean it like that but now im soooo curious to find out because maybe im imagining things who knows

so i thought lets do the horary why not cest la vie

so i think the answer is YES because the desc= aquarius - different, unconventional, and if i go by the ruler being uranus its in taurus in the tenth- the tenth is the house of reputation, how other people see you- and planets in this house are EXTRA visible..then we have mars in aries- mars rules tats and aries rules the yes i think he the answer is that he does have them..interesting that the moon is there too because he also has a tattoo of his moms name (moon-mother) AND a tattoo of a literal crescent moon (not on his face)

what do you guys think?
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