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Originally Posted by Abby83 View Post
Seriously? My mother in law is a MASTER ABUSER and she has mars in pisces conjunct sun. And her mars has harmonious aspects. I cant remember the name of the particular abuse asteroid im thinking of but she has it exact on her ascendant. But what she does have is difficult aspects to pluto. Another thing I look at is the planets that represent childhood that could affect the subconscious conditioning of a person - like all that inner child stuff. With my MIL her mercury (childhood years) is heavily aspected with pluto and moon and her venus (teenage years) is opposite Saturn in virgo. So her whole young years were pretty hard. She never really grew up past the teenage years and she is constantly acting from a place of the immature high school bully without seeing the consequences of her actions. Her adult years (sun conjunct mars) were very strong and she's holding onto it for dear life, as the control freak she is cos she never ever wants to feel like the kid she was again.
Algol? I think your MIL is a Taurus ascendant if I remember correctly. She literally ‘loses her head’ with women.
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