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Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post
I think Pluto on someone's Sun for instance can make one very stubborn and even obsessive. These people can take to extremism.

Plu on someone's Moon can also make people emotionally obsessive.

Plu is no innocent lamb.
In the ancient Greek religion, Pluto was one of the 3 gods with "Earthly Authority", bestowed upon them by Gaea, the goddess who personified the Earth. Zeus was sky-god, Poseidon, sea-god, and Pluto ruled anything below the Earth's crust.

Both Poseidon/Neptune and Pluto were of the deep realms, and I see their influence as being deep psychologically-speaking. They aren't focused on the material world, like Zeus/Jupiter and Cronos/Saturn.

Pluto is about the Soul, and its journey after death, aided by Hermes/Mercury. Transformations are ruled by Plu.

I bring the ancient religious pantheons, mostly Sumerian, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman, into my interpretation of rulership characteristics, with a focus on Greco-Roman. I realize that not everyone does, but it helps me with my readings. As waybread often says, "It works for me.".
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