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Originally Posted by Abby83 View Post
Im just saying that in my chart and my MIL's chart and with transits, ive never seen bullying with mars. Depends on the degree. When it comes to abuse where you have no chance in hell - pluto is the one. I mean pluto in capricorn is the first time i experienced real full on abuse out of my control. Uranus was in aries, the sign of the bully, so i find a lot of abuse and bullying occurs with planets in aries. but there's so much to think about. i mean mars is very happy in aries and if your asc ruler is mars then that pretty much means that you're happy with mars in aries too. but in general, i would have to say the worst abuse is pluto. And being angular makes it violent.
What are the main components of "bullying", as you see it?

Just insulting, belittling, taking your stuff? Or, outright threat of physical assault?
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