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Re: Bullying

Originally Posted by Domna View Post
I was the subject of bullying from preschool, through primary and well into secondary school. I was visibly different in several ways. I was from a poor family, wore hand me downs and flea market finds, wore glasses, had a skin condition... I think what made me a victim though was that I was insecure about all these things, and about myself in general. I was also different in more intangible ways. Interests and eccentricities that made it harder for me to make friends. For example, I'm aromantic and asexual. There are some things that are commonly viewed as universal, especially by teenagers, that I've never experienced. At an age where everyone around me were discovering their sexuality, having their first crush, first date, first kiss... I was just disinterested. Friendships at any age, but perhaps especially at that age, are a lot about sharing experiences, and I wasn't able to do that. I don't feel like I've missed out on anything in life by being aromantic/asexual, but I do recognize that there are big areas of "normal life" that I will never completely understand.

The way out of bullying for me came when I embraced my differences, grew more secure in myself, stopped trying to "be normal". The more boldly myself I was, the less of a victim I became I guess. At around 14 years old I started to very consciously build up my self confidence. I found the things I liked about myself and focused on those until I started to see myself as a beautiful, talented and strong individual. It took many years, but it worked. It's been ages now since anyone tried to bully me.

Astrologically I can find traces of all of the above in my natal chart. I think Saturn is the main culprit for me. It's in a t-square with my Sun and Moon, bringing insecurities and a low self-esteem I guess. Saturn opposite Chiron adds to the picture maybe. I don't have the strongest Mars either, since it's in Cancer, but I think that has a minor influence. In getting out of the bullying I think I've been really helped by all the Neptune in my chart. The power of Neptune's rose tinted glasses is not to be underestimated. Plus a well placed Jupiter, trining Saturn, adding more optimism and confidence. A strong and well aspected Pluto probably doesn't hurt either. Pluto trine Mercury/Mars/MC means I'm not the sort to back down, and I tend to see through people's BS.
Amen. I was just going to say that about embracing differences and then you said it. Very true. That's the hard part. Being proud of being different. I've been in the same boat. Why the **** do ppl outcast those who are different? It's annoying. Let them be.
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