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Re: I need help understanding my chart!

So, you are a Leo Sun, Aries Moon, Virgo ASC..

Sun represent your ego, your consciousness, your everyday actions, the way you see things and act on it, your willpower, your wants. It also represent father and husband in the chart of someone...

You are a Leo Sun. So, you have some kinds of Leo values, personnality traits and actions.
Your Sun is in the 12th house. 12th house represent the collective inconscious. It's an house of dreams and illusions, isolation, introspection, spirituality. It also rules mental health. Things we are locked in (hospitals, prisons, your own mind if you have mental health issues, etc...) It's the last house of zodiac, just before the 1st one, so it also represent karma, dead people spirits, invisible things etc.. 12th house is the house of "escape".. arts, and inspiration for artists or even addictions sometimes (like drugs, watching too much movies, video games to escape the reality, etc...) Planets in this house can be linked to chronic health issues, mental health issues and spiritual issues. Sun in 12th house is a karmic placement (that I could call "the dissolution of ego" (represented by the sun) through introspection, spiritual quest, and some of the things I said previously..

Moon represent your needs, your emotions, your family and private life. In your chart it show where you are the most comfortable or umconfortable at.. it also represent mother, and wife.. Your Moon is in Aries and 8th house.

8th house is the house of transformations, "death and rebirth", regeneration, hardships, secrets, money of other people (like inheritences, death insurrances, etc..), taboo things, sexuality, surgery. The hardships that transform you. It can deal with loss, toxic relationships or manipulative people, cheating on someone, etc.... 2nd house is the things you have, your possessions. And 8th house (opposed house) is the losses. From this house you can take something from someone (for example if you are manipulative), or transform yourself because or an hardship.

So, your moon is in Aries. I guess you like (and need) to be independant. You react emotionaly quick. You can also have maybe anger or impatience problems.
Your family and private issues are not the business of other people because Aries Moons like to be independant, and 8th house is the house of secrets so a planet in 8th house value privacy in general. Moon (that represent mother and family) conjunct Saturn (planet of authority, boundaries, restrictions, blockages, etc..). So, I guess you had difficulties with your family or mother, emotional life and other things related to the moon. Moon conjunct Saturn is an aspect that can create pessimism, and could make someone prone to depression or psychological issues.
Saturn like to restrict emotional reactions and feelings (yours, or sometimes the one of other people if you feel attacked), it creates difficulty to deal with them. When a planet conjunct another one, the energies of both acts together. Problem is that, Saturn doesn't like the Moon and the Moon doesn't like Saturn because they doesn't have a compatible energy...
Moon is in 8th house so you have to transform your emotional security in this life. You have to transform your Moon.

ASC/1st house is your persona, your body and physical appearance, your behavior. Your orientation in life, and outlook on the world. your "style" in life.

You are a Virgo ASC. And Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. (All signs are ruled by one (or two) planets.
In this chart, Mercury is in Virgo, so it plays in his domicile sign. He like to be here.
This planet represent intellectual abilities like how you think, how you communicate, how you learn or teach.. Mercury is your mental patterns, your thoughts, etc.. It also represent siblings in a natal chart.

You have Mercury in 1st house conjunct ASC, so, Mercury is a part of your personality (your ASC). You use Mercury for yourself. You are someone intellectual, who has good abilities to communicate (talk or write or both). You like to understand how things works on a detailed and concrete point of view.
With ruler of 1st house in 1st house, it mean your 1st house (yourself) serve your 1st house (yourself).. So you are self-motivated, self-interested, etc.. It's a placement that can give some leadership in general. Virgo can be perfectionist, critical (or self critical), workaholic. The bad sides of this sign can be stress, nervousness. And the fear or failure especially.

Then, you have to see where are the others planets (house and sign). What are their functions in a chart.. what the elements means etc..
Aspects are the red-blue-green lines in the chart. When a planet aspect another one, it can be positive or negative. (or both).
This is the way they interact with each other. A trine or sextile will be a natural gift (easiness to use an energy), a square will create a blockage or issue, opposition is one planet that plays against another, a conjunction is two planet mixing their energy, etc...

I hope you understand a bit more about your chart, and how to link some things together

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