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You said:

Haven't heard this before about Men and Venus: I thought men were from Mars and WOMEN were from Venus?


LOL! Intimate relationships all boil down to "Will this person make a good parent for my children" subconsciously that one thought drives us through life from puberty. Every man and woman has a desire to procreate and to continue their genetic line it's engrained in our psyche. I can explain to you why these planets control our intimate relationships.
Sun is our outward expression of ourselves while the moon is the reflection of that light. Men inherently look for partners that can nurture their outward expression. Women inherently look for that outward expression because they have a motherly instinct to nurture it. When a fathers sun light (sperm) shines on a womans nurturing abilities (womb)
Children are made and our genetics continue.
Now Venus, represents kindness,compliments, adoration, gifts, the five senses. All things a man brings to the table and all things a woman looks for in a mate. Men look for physical action in a relationship (mars) . And while women don't look for Mars (physical action) they use it.
Pluto penetrates the orbit of Neptune. Much like a man penetrates a woman in order to procreate. Pluto also represents things like miners, deep exploration, the insides of the earth. Neptune represents the ocean, and the ocean of our minds, our deep untapped nurturing abilities that break down and erode the earth away. Men seek to be taken care of but they seek motherly nurturing. And women seek to be taken care of but in the way a farmer works his field, or a father instills life and knowledge in their children.
It's very simple once you understand.
Men come from Venus and Women come from Mars both seeking each other.

P.S. my last name is Wilson do we have the same name?
Timothy Wilson?

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