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Re: Bible and Astrology

So, I am looking in this book. Sefer Yetzirah. The Book of Creation. By Aryeh Kaplan.

My husband bought it. I opened it to a page. 236 to be exact. And it is talking about the nodes. Genesis 1: 21

Note that Kaplan is Jewish. Would be using the Torah. I will type you an excerpt, from the book.

"The "dragon" whose head and tail form the two nodes, is then identified as the Teli. Most early Hebrew writers refer to it by its Arabic name Al Jaz'har. Juz'har is a Persian word, meaning "knot" or "node."

Rabbi Abraham Abulafia also identifies the Teli with the celestial "knots" (Kesharim). He writes that the head of the Teli denoes merit, while its tail signifies liability.

Especially important are the lunar nodes, since it is only at these points that an eclipse, either of the sun or the moon, can occur. The Teli can then be seen as the imaginary dragon swallowing the sun or moon.

Although the obliquity is often referred to as the Teli, it is questionable if this is the Teli mentioned her by the Sefer Yetzirah.

Ther is also a tradition that there are two Telis or dragons, one male and the other female. These are identified as the two Leviathans, and are mentioned in the account of creation, "God created the great dragons" (Genesis 1:21) According to the Talmud, the Pole Serpent mentioned by Isaiah is the male dragon, while the Coiled Serpent (Nachash Akalkalon) is the female. Some Kabbalists state that the constellation of Draco is the male Pole Serpent, while the inclination of the ecliptic is the female Coiled Serpent. The female therefore encompasses the male, this being the mystery of, "a female shall surround a male" (Jeremish 31:22)"

It continues with a debate of others identifying the Teli with the Milky Way. Saying the Teli would be the axis of the glaxy. but, the Book of Raziel calls the Milky Way the River Dinur, mentioned in Daniel.

Guess I am going to have to go back to page 1.

My husband picks good books.
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