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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Opal, I know you have not condemned the Bible!!! So sorry for the misunderstanding. I was responding to Greybeard and AJ.

I agree that a concordance is a super study aid.
Alas, I am sorry for misunderstanding you Waybread, I should have known better. You are always fair to my mind. I had a bad day yesterday, ended up in the hospital, I am and will be fine, probably why I misunderstood you. And I am pretty drugged. 😄😄😄

Have a good night Waybread!

Hey, before I go, I was in Nakusp this summer, they had a book sale on. I bought a book called The Bible as History by Werner Keller, when I opened it up at the sale the first thing I saw was “there was a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter” he was referencing Kepler’s studies.
You are probably the only person here that knows of Nakusp! Pretty small town to find a Biblical astrology book!

Talk to you later Waybread, goodnight!
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